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Should I get a photobooth for my wedding?

It’s a great question and one worth considering for your wedding.
There are several wedding types where a photobooth adds a lot of excitement. There are also certain wedding types where it may not be worth it.

When is a photobooth great?

A Photobooth is a fun way to add an extra element to a wedding reception. They work best when
you have:

  1. Ceremony and Reception at the same venue.
    Usually there’s an hour of canapes after the ceremony, this is a great time to kick off the photobooth to get people in the party mood before the reception officially begins.
  2. A longer Reception, 5 hours or more.
    There is plenty of time between the formalities for your guests to move around the room, mingle, drink and make use of the photobooth.
  3. A more relaxed wedding that isn’t heavy on formalities.
    Short speeches, get everything out of the way early then party the night away. Does that sound like your wedding? A photobooth is a great fit.
  4. A cocktail style wedding.
    When your guests are already on their feet for canapes, a photobooth is the perfect attraction to entertain guests early.

When is a photobooth not as great?

  1. A shorter reception of 3-4 hours with a sit down dinner.
    A shorter reception will fly by. Guests are often glued to their seats for formalities and meals, then by the time formalities are over there is usually only about an hour left for your DJ/entertainment to get everyone dancing.
  2. A reception where you just want everyone dancing all night.
    We regularly hear couples say they just want a packed dancefloor from the first dance to the last song, and that’s totally cool! Photobooths are fun and entertaining, but they do pull people away from the dancefloor.

So…Should I get a photobooth?

A Photobooth is heaps of fun and your guests will love it. As part of our entertainment packages, we work with you to build a runsheet that maximises the time your guests can enjoy your entertainment.
We supply photobooths which include:

  • Photos with unlimited prints
  • A personalized message on all prints
  • GIFs & Boomerangs
  • Digital send (scan a QR code and download straight to your phone)
  • A suitcase full of fun props
  • A digital album sent to you after the event
  • A trained photobooth attendant to set up, pack up and help your guests use the booth during the event.

Contact us now for more info.