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Meet Our

Saxophone Players

Our roster features world-class saxophone players who are incredible performers and bring energy and virtuosity to every show.

Live Saxophone

KD On Sax


KD is a Melbourne University double degree graduate in Jazz and Improvisation and has over 10 years experience performing at weddings and other events.

KD’s powerful and unique sax style brings your dancefloor to life as he’ll jump on chairs, get crazy pics with your guests and roam the room.

KD has worked with musicians from Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and can quickly adapt to different music styles and cultures.

When asked what he brings to your wedding, KD said: “My favourite part about working at weddings is not being on a stage away from the crowd, and instead being on the dancefloor with the crowd. The vibe is amazing, the energy lifts and your guests go wild.”

Kellie On Sax


Kellie On Sax is your go-to saxophonist for weddings, corporate events and other celebrations. 

With many years experience performing with DJs, acoustic artists and bands, Kellie is versatile, smooth and always up for the party!

Max On Sax


Max On Sax has over 20 years experience with a variety of bands and DJs across Australia and is an expert in jazz, middle eastern, funk, soul, and dance music.

Adding live sax builds an atmosphere whether it’s early in the night with some smooth, sultry, jazz/soulful vibes, or later in the night with that big dancefloor energy.

When asked what makes a sax player the perfect addition to your wedding entertainment, Max said: “I seamlessly work alongside DJs, acoustic artists and bands to help everyone feel great, be the life of the party and put on a memorable show.”