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The Top 5 Reasons To Combine An Acoustic Artist With A DJ

  1. Walking down the aisle
    Walking down the aisle to a live performance of your favourite love song is a beautiful feeling.
  2. Ceremony entertainment
    Your acoustic artist will perform for 30 minutes as your guests are arriving, providing a warm soundtrack to the beginning of your wedding.
    They also perform after the ceremony concludes to entertain your guests while you and your partner head off to get professional photography.
  3. Building a vibe
    Your acoustic artist will start with soft, smooth songs then slowly build it up towards the end of their set. Your DJ picks it up from there and continues building the vibe as we get closer to the dancefloor.
  4. Dancefloor
    Your DJ takes the music to the next level once the dancefloor opens. The flexibility and energy your DJ brings is sure to make it a fun and memorable night for your guests.
  5. Best of both worlds
    An acoustic/DJ combination is an excellent way to give your guests a great day of entertainment with the right sounds and the right time.

For more info on our options, please check out our Entertainers page.
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