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DJ/MC Nathan

DJ Nathan oozes with confidence on the mic and knows exactly what tracks to play to get people moving. Nathan’s experience and passion ensures your wedding day is everything you dreamed!

DJ/MC Nathan


DJ Nathan is an experienced wedding DJ and MC who has been entertaining crowds with his music for over a decade. He has a passion for music and a talent for keeping the dance floor packed all night long. With a vast collection of music spanning across genres and decades, he can cater to any music taste.

DJ Nathan’s expertise extends beyond just playing music. As an accomplished MC, he has the ability to engage and captivate the audience, ensuring that everyone is having a great time. His confident and personable demeanor helps to put guests at ease, allowing them to fully enjoy the celebration. His clear, articulate announcements and smooth transitions between different parts of the event ensure that everything flows seamlessly.

Understanding the importance of a meticulously planned wedding, DJ Nathan is adept at working to a runsheet. He collaborates closely with couples and vendors on the day to ensure that every detail is accounted for, from the grand entrance to the final dance. His organizational skills and attention to detail mean that he can effectively manage the schedule, ensuring that the event runs smoothly and on time.

DJ Nathan’s professionalism shines through in his ability to adapt to any situation. Whether it’s making last-minute changes to the playlist or adjusting the timeline on the fly, he remains composed and responsive, handling each situation with grace. His knack for reading the room means he can switch up the music to match the energy of the crowd, keeping the atmosphere lively and enjoyable.

By choosing DJ Nathan for your wedding, you are selecting a dedicated professional who is committed to making your special day memorable. His combination of musical talent, MC prowess, and organizational expertise guarantees an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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  • Sound system – 2x Speakers & 2x Subs
  • Microphones – 2x wireless
  • Standard Package Lighting – Dancefloor Lighting (Chauvet Gigbar Move)
  • Haze Machine – yes
  • Uplighting Add-On – Available

Space Requirement

  • Set up width – min 6 metres / max 12m
  • Set up depth – 2.2m
  • Set up height – min 2m / max 3m
  • Table required – no

Access Requirement

  • Set up time required – 2 hours
  • Pack up time required – 1 hour


  • Dietaries – None