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KD On Sax

With incredible energy and a passion for epic melodies and big moments, KD On Sax brings the mega vibes to your wedding dancefloor!

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KD On Sax


KD on Sax is a wedding saxophone legend renowned for unparalleled energy and stage presence. A Melbourne University double degree graduate in Jazz and Improvisation, KD has over 10 years of experience performing at weddings and various other events, making every celebration unforgettable with a distinctive and powerful sax style.

KD’s performances are not just about music; they’re about creating an electrifying atmosphere. Known for bringing dance floors to life, KD engages directly with guests by jumping on chairs, capturing crazy pictures, and roaming the room. This interactive approach ensures that everyone is part of the celebration, turning each moment into an unforgettable memory.

Having collaborated with musicians from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, KD has a rich and diverse musical background. This experience allows for quick adaptation to different music styles and cultures, ensuring that every performance is perfectly tailored to the event’s unique vibe and the couple’s preferences.

When asked what he brings to your wedding, KD said: “My favourite part about working at weddings is not being on a stage away from the crowd, but instead being on the dance floor with the crowd. The vibe is amazing, the energy lifts, and your guests go wild.”

KD on Sax is more than a performer; he’s an entertainer who thrives on connecting with the audience. His vibrant presence and dynamic performances make him a standout choice for wedding entertainment. From romantic serenades to high-energy dance sets, KD’s versatility and passion ensure a spectacular musical experience.

Choose KD on Sax for your wedding to elevate your celebration with exceptional talent, infectious energy, and an unforgettable ambiance. Contact us today to book KD and let his unique saxophone sounds and lively performances make your special day truly extraordinary.