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Max On Sax

With a strong stage presence combined with incredible talent and sultry sounds, Max On Sax is the ultimate choice to pump up your wedding dancefloor!

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Max On Sax


Max On Sax brings over 20 years of experience performing with a variety of bands and DJs across Australia, making him an expert in jazz, Middle Eastern, funk, soul, and dance music. His versatility and talent ensure that every performance is perfectly tailored to the mood and energy of your event.

Max is always a hit on wedding dancefloors, with guests loving the opportunity to air-sax with him, or snap a quick selfie! 

When asked what makes a sax player the perfect addition to wedding entertainment, Max said: “I seamlessly work alongside DJs, acoustic artists, and bands to enhance the experience, helping everyone feel great, become the life of the party, and enjoy a truly memorable show.”

Choose Max On Sax for your wedding to elevate your celebration with the captivating sounds of live saxophone, ensuring your special day is filled with unforgettable moments and great energy.