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Tim, a seasoned acoustic singer, transforms classics from soul, pop, and rock with his soothing, romantic style, perfect for creating a serene wedding atmosphere.

Acoustic Solo Wedding Singer

Tim is a seasoned solo acoustic singer renowned for his soothing, relaxed sound that seamlessly blends into any setting, particularly weddings. With an innate ability to infuse his signature romantic style into an eclectic mix of genres, Tim reimagines classics from soul, pop, rock, and ballads, making them uniquely his own.

Perfect for pre-ceremony, ceremony, and canapés, Tim excels in creating a serene atmosphere that enhances the emotional resonance of the occasion. His mellow renditions of both contemporary and timeless pop and rock songs provide a warm, inviting backdrop that ensures every moment feels special and memorable.

With over a decade of performance experience, Tim has graced stages across Australia and the USA, captivating audiences with his heartfelt and tranquil acoustic sound. His extensive repertoire and ability to adapt to various musical tastes make him a versatile performer, well-suited for any event where a romantic and peaceful ambiance is desired.

Tim’s unique talent lies in his ability to take well-known songs and infuse them with a sense of intimacy and emotion, making each performance feel personal and heartfelt. Whether it’s a soulful ballad or an upbeat pop hit, Tim’s acoustic interpretations resonate deeply with listeners, creating an unforgettable experience.

His expertise and passion for music, combined with his warm stage presence, ensure that Tim sets the perfect romantic tone for your wedding, leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests.


  • Sound system – 1x Speaker
  • Microphones – 1x wired mic
  • Standard Package Lighting – None
  • Haze Machine – No
  • Uplighting Add-On – No

Space Requirement

  • Set up width – 2 metres
  • Set up depth – 2.5m
  • Set up height – 2m
  • Table required – no

Access Requirement

  • Set up time required – 1 hours
  • Pack up time required – 20 min


  • Dietaries – None