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Experience Zak’s soulful blues/R&B/folk sound, perfect for weddings. With masterful 6-string and 12-string guitar performances, he creates unforgettable moments from smooth ceremonies to lively dancefloors. Zak ensures a magical musical atmosphere.

Acoustic Solo Wedding Singer & DJ

Solo acoustic artist and DJ, Zak brings his signature acoustic bluesy/R&B take on classic and current favoruites to your special day. Based in Melbourne with 15 years of performance experience and a cross-continental music career, Zak has performed throughout Australia, South East Asia, and Europe. With a seamless blend of smooth grooves, upbeat rhythms, and an extensive DJ repertoire, Zak ensures a perfect musical atmosphere for every part of your event, whether it’s the ceremony, canapés, dinner, or the dancefloor.

Zak’s performances are marked by his skilled switching between his 6-string and 12-string guitars, each adding its unique flavor to his sound. His blues/R&B/folk style creates an engaging and soulful backdrop, perfect for setting the right mood. The rich, full sound of his 12-string guitar, with its doubled strings and enhanced harmonic resonance, brings an extra layer of depth and texture to his music. This gives your event a lush, chorus-like quality that elevates the ambiance and provides an unforgettable musical experience.

Zak has played with household names in Australian music, including the legendary Daniel Johns of Silverchair, and toured internationally with Irish garage rock band FangClub, supporting bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, and Kings of Leon. Recently, Zak has also picked up DJing, making him the full package for your wedding. He plays a wide range of eras and genres to please the various age groups attending your celebration of love.

Whether you’re seeking mellow tunes for an intimate ceremony or energetic tracks to get your guests dancing, Zak’s versatility and expertise ensure that every moment is musically magical. Zak’s services include everything from singing you down the aisle, creating a background acoustic music atmosphere for your canapés and reception, to having all your guests tearing up the dance floor on the DJ decks.

Let’s make your event unforgettable!


  • Sound system – 1x Speaker & 1 sub
  • Microphones – 1x wireless mic
  • Standard Package Lighting – None
  • Haze Machine – No
  • Uplighting Add-On – No

Space Requirement

  • Set up width – 3 metres acoustic
  • Set up width – 6 metres DJ & acoustic
  • Set up depth – 2.5m
  • Set up height – 2.5m
  • Table required – no

Access Requirement

  • Set up time required – 1 hour acoustic
  • Pack up time required – 20 min acoustic
  • Set up time required – 2 hours DJ & acoustic
  • Pack up time required – 1 hour DJ & acoustic


  • Dietaries – None