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The top 6 reasons to choose a wedding DJ over a band

1. Music flexibility

Bands are limited to playing only the songs they can learn. This might give them a library of a few hundred songs
A DJ has access to all music and won’t get caught out not knowing your favourite song.

2. Continuity

Bands are humans who need breaks. A singer can’t sing for 5 hours straight, the most they can do is 30-45 minutes, then need a rest. What happens to a dancefloor when the band stops?

DJs are superhuman and love playing longer sets. A DJ can comfortably keep the music playing for the duration of your wedding.

3. Quick Reaction

Bands often have a pre-planned set list. If your guests aren’t vibing it, bands may not have a backup plan.

DJs have the ability and instinct to instantly change the direction of the music and can smoothly move through different genres and eras of music to ensure all your guests hear music they love.

4. Space

Bands tend to spread out across your valuable dancing space which can both restrict the movement of your guests and look messy in your photography & videography.

DJs focus on a tidy, compact setup that looks great in photos and gives guests the space they need to shake their booty.

5. Volume

It’s increasingly common for wedding venues to have strict sound restrictions Tip: ask your venue about sound restrictions before you book, not every venue makes it clear when you first meet.

Drummers love drumming, which makes it hard to tell them to do it quietly, especially while your guests are eating dinner and chatting.

DJs have a volume control and they aren’t afraid to use it! Setting the right volume is critical in helping your guests enjoy the night.

Don’t worry though, DJs sound systems can pump it up when it’s time for the dancefloor!

6. Budget

It’s no surprise that hiring a 4 or 5 person band is going to cost considerably more than a DJ.

For a more budget friendly price you can hire entertainment who can play anything you want, keeping the music going with no breaks, read the room and adjust in real time, give you space to cut shapes and play at the right volume at the right time.