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How do I write a run sheet for my wedding?

What even is a run sheet?

I know right, it’s like starting at a new job when you lied on your resume and suddenly everyone needs you to do this big thing. No-one knows how to put together a wedding run sheet unless you’ve planned many weddings, so don’t feel bad – it’s not just you! A wedding run sheet list of events for your wedding in time order. It starts from the time you have to wake up until the very end of the night.

Who uses a run sheet?

Your suppliers will all use the run sheet, especially anyone actively involved on the day such as your DJ and entertainers, MC, photographer/videographer, venue/kitchen, celebrant, transport, hair & make up, florist and possibly most importantly, brides and grooms.

It helps suppliers make sure they are prepared and ready for each event/formality so your wedding runs smoothly.

What goes on a wedding run sheet?

Here’s an example of a section of the run sheet for a ceremony and reception we did earlier this year with names changed for privacy:
Runsheet Example.PDF

Can you just write it for us?

Yes! Writing the run sheet is an important part of all our entertainment packages. Not only that, I will write it with you to ensure we include everything you want included, and omit anything you don’t want to do. If you don’t want to do a bouquet or a garter, skip it! Having a clear run sheet helps all of your suppliers deliver a top quality service on your big day. It also allows you to spend more time enjoying your day because everything is planned in advance.

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