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Kellie On Sax

Bringing the class and oozing confidence and talent, Kellie On Sax is an excellent choice to energise your wedding dancefloor!

Kellie On Sax


Kellie On Sax is your go-to saxophonist for weddings, corporate events, and other celebrations. With a smooth, sultry sound and vibrant personality, Kellie brings a unique and captivating element to every event graced.

With many years of experience performing alongside DJs and acoustic artists, Kellie is incredibly versatile. Whether adding a sophisticated touch to a cocktail hour with mellow jazz or hitting the dance floor to interact with guests during high-energy dance sets, Kellie knows how to tailor performances to perfectly fit the mood of the occasion.

Kellie came to notoriety by winning the very first James Morrison Jazz Scholarship, followed by 8 years playing sax on TV for the studio band of Hey Hey it’s Saturday. Growing up, Kellie’s biggest influences were the American studio musicians who featured on her favourite TV shows and her obsession with that sound and style paid off big time! Several years later, on Hey Hey, in front of an audience of millions, 20 year old Kellie played with so many of her heros including Ernie Watts (Night Court), Randy Crawford, Tom Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Trisha Yearwood, Lou Rawls, Victor Borge, Eartha Kitt, Larry Adler, Barry Manilow & Joe Jackson. 

Kellie’s ability to blend seamlessly with other musicians while maintaining a distinct presence sets this performer apart. It’s not just about playing music; Kellie creates an immersive experience, engaging with guests and bringing an infectious energy that keeps the party going. A fun-loving spirit and dynamic performances make Kellie a favourite among clients and guests alike.

For those looking to elevate their wedding entertainment, Kellie On Sax is the ideal choice. Magical moments are created, from a romantic serenade during the first dance to energizing the crowd as the night progresses. Interaction with guests on the dance floor ensures that everyone feels part of the celebration, making the event truly memorable.

Choose Kellie On Sax for your next event and enjoy a blend of exceptional talent, engaging entertainment, and unforgettable fun. Contact us today to book Kellie and let those smooth, sultry saxophone sounds create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.